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Which trend is right for your rental?

Which trend is right for your rental?

With Australia’s love of DIY and new home improvement shows each season, there are a vast array of genres of home trends that are becoming more than a movement, and more like design styles filtrating the fibres of our culture. Making their way from TV and Pinterest dream boards to our suburban streets are an incredible array of designs from Sustainable and Simple to Avant Garde and Elaborate.

One of the most popular ideas for the suburban backyard and inner city lots is the clever use of small spaces – the Tiny Home. Sleek, stylish and modern, tiny homes are offering all the comforts of home in somewhat compromising spaces. While tiny homes offer a simpler life and are usually easier on the budget due to low energy costs, some vacations require space for large families or just a bit more luxury.

Big, bold, industrial style homes in large, rugged bush spaces are offering seekers of a true ‘getaway’. A contrast to their daily life and a moment to step back into nature and immerse themselves in lush natural and urban design. Strong, audacious features give the feelings of power and beauty, but not always the warmth of a cosy country cottage.

Farm or Barn stays have a way to bring us back to a simpler time. The sounds of chickens in the morning as they forage in the garden… The smell of herbs as the afternoon sun hits the veggie patch…it can have even the biggest city lover blissfully unaware of the lack of internet coverage. Well-run and maintained farm and barn homes can be an absolute retreat for the overworked mind but when you need the mod cons to continue to stay in touch while you are away, a farm stay can feel like an anxiety attack.

Minimalism strives to convey the message of simplicity using the barest and fewest essentials or elements to create space for living but also space for the mind to create and focus. By removing clutter from surrounding spaces, we can focus on the important elements and force our creativity to flow. A bonus of minimalism is you don’t have to compromise the modern luxuries. High quality and function rates higher than quantity of ‘stuff’. However, if you are looking for warmth and long for inspiration from colour and texture the Bohemian movement may be more your style.

With rich textures of walls covered in delicious artworks, bold statement walls and multi coloured rooms, the Bohemian Chic offers you the inspiration of an artist’s passion with the enticing features of truly comfortable living areas to while away the hours with your favourite book. There really is something inspiring in a house full of colour or themed music rooms sound proofed and ready for some creative musical flow.

So what’s the best trend to follow when considering designing or decorating your rental property to get the best return? The best advice is stick to what you know. An authentically designed home reaches more than the aesthetics. Research what interests you, but be realistic in your approach. If you are a hoarder, the minimalist style will not suit you. Maybe consider themed rooms to utilize some of the things you have collected over the years. And if you’re an artist – let that creative light shine! Most guests love to connect with what your home is truly offering. So make it uniquely you.

If you really want to try something new, do your research and weigh up the pros and cons. Something that works with your existing property style, size and layout and utilizes your unique space will attract the right clients every time.

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