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Top 5 things that make a memorable holiday rental

Top 5 things that make a memorable holiday rental

Creating the perfect space for guests to feel at home and cherish their experience in your space doesn’t have to cost the earth. All it takes is a little thoughtfulness and communication and ‘going the extra mile’ goes a long way.

So we combined our years of international experience with answers we received directly from our guests on what made their stay memorable. Here we let you in on our little secrets to securing repeat guests and creating memories that last a lifetime.

Our Top 5

1. Communication – Sounds simple but communication is the key to an easy, stress free start to your guests’ stay on your property. Clear communication and prompt replies even before they arrived made a huge difference to their stay.
Travel can be stressful enough, the last thing people need is to be left with questions looming and not feeling sure that their vacation is going to go to plan.
Being available to answer any questions before the guests arrive, enables the clients to relax and not worry about the little details. This can be tricky to always be available when a guest is booking their stay. It can feel like a full time job.
Having a dedicated team on hand to manage your property is a simple, cost and time effective way to make sure your guests are never left hanging.


2. A gift upon arrival. It’s such a lovely surprise to arrive to a house, ready to start your vacation and find a simple gift waiting on arrival. Immediately your guests feel welcome, wanted and valued. What a treat to arrive to a nice bottle of wine, a box of locally made chocolates or even a bowl of fresh fruit and a personalised note. These small gestures can make all the difference to your guests.
It can be difficult to stay on top of these extra details and always ready to add them to your space before a client arrives. The right management team will create memorable first impression each and every time new guests arrive – even if you are away.


3. Cleanliness –Areas free from clutter bring a sense of calm and space we tend to look for on a getaway. Properties need to be clean, fresh and welcoming for every new guest. But how can you keep up with all the maintenance and cleaning on your rental properties without it becoming an all consuming affair?
It’s a delicate balance but imperative to ensure repeat stays.


4. Support – There is nothing worse than arriving at your holiday rental only to discover you can’t work the TV, where the outside light turns on, or how to open the garage door! Guests appreciate the feeling that there is someone to help them throughout their stay without fear of being annoying or all alone. Having someone on the end of the line when you really need them, from the beginning to end of a vacation is fundamental to a relaxing stay for your guests and peace of mind that your home is being treated with the respect it deserves.


5. Location – Interestingly, it’s not always the most beautiful homes that are the most sought after holiday rentals. The location of your property can offer you a leading edge over other properties for rent. Our management property experts go the extra mile and get to know our portfolio of rental homes and their surrounding areas, along with our guests’ desires so we can match them accordingly. The perfect location suggestions make all our guests feel right at home and close to all their desired sights and comforts.

PropertiFolio offers our property owners and guests these extras and more to make all our holiday rentals stress free, cost and time effective, and real value for all involved. That’s the sort of peace of mind money can’t buy.



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