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The benefits of management companies

The benefits of management companies

Buying an investment property can be such an exciting but challenging time. Weekends spent pouring over the papers, websites and real estate guides, building relationships with reputable real estate agents, and driving through your favourite suburbs looking for that ‘perfect’ property. Despite the odds in this fluctuating market of first home owners and mogul property buyers looking for their fifteenth investment property, you beat the crowds and secure that ideal place. Perfect property, in that prime location and all within your budget. But now what do you do with it? We’ve almost been brain washed in Australia to believe that an investment in bricks and mortar is a sure bet. You just can´t go wrong…

However, the truth can be stranger than fiction. You only have to mention renting your property to colleagues to hear the horror stories of terrible tenants, horrendously damaged properties, stolen goods and more heartache than value or returns. So what about short term rental? It sounds so simple and usually guarantees a higher return and less damage than long term rentals. But where do you start and who do you trust to help you find the right people, and attract them to your property in the first place? How can you really be sure they can be trusted to care for your property the way you do?

It’s a challenge many Australians face today. While international booking corporations promise you the world, they also make you a number. That personalised service is no where to be seen. And guaranteed, if something goes wrong, there’s no one there at the end of the line to offer you peace of mind or direct contact. It’s frightening to say the least when your heart and soul has gone into purchasing a property and it’s a website making the decisions for you and your pride and joy.

If you take the plunge to list your property on a booking site, all of a sudden your time is now being over run by managing these bookings. You’re organising cleaners, managing calendars, checking your inventory of household items, dealing with complaints, the hot water not working, late check ins, and those continual, annoying questions about directions, how household items work, where the keys go on an early check out, and the list goes on. What was supposed to be making you money, now just seems to be costing you time and energy.

The experts say if you want maximum return, you have to have maximum reach and suggest listing on multiple sites to really grasp your true property potential. Now it feels like you are a marketing company, concierge, tour guide and cleaners! Not exactly the investment property dream you had imagined.

So is there a better way to invest in property and maximise your return without making managing your property a full time job? The answer is yes. Trusted property managers, with a proven history in property investment and promotions, can manage your estates even while you are away. They combine technology and a business background to offer you promotions across an ever growing list of trusted channels. While their dedicated team bring with them years of experience in concierge support, administration, maintenance and cleaning – available 24/7.

So no matter where you are, they offer you a personalised service to your guests and peace of mind over your property’s safety, maintenance and security. Allowing you time to get on with your life and increase your annual return. Meaning you can focus on your strengths and true priorities and finally allow your investment property to work for you. What’s more, you get to deal with real people. Not just a website. Real, experienced humans who enjoy meeting you in person and discussing the best options for you and your home. That brings a peace of mind no website listing can ever offer.

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