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How to Detox your Home

How to Detox your Home

Our modern lifestyles offer us the benefits of simplicity and convenience – usually at our fingertips! However, this ‘convenience’ can come at a cost to our health, peace of mind and the ability to establish any real work/life balance.

There is plenty of information out there about how to detox your body, detox your workplace, detox your relationships even! But how do we detox our homes to bring a sense of balance and peace that even our guests will feel when they enter the front door?

It’s actually easier than you think. And best of all, it doesn’t include any diets or even that much effort.  Just a few simple steps can bring your home from toxic to tranquility, offering your family and guests all the benefits of a good cleanse.

1. PLANTS – Australians love the great outdoors, and there’s no better way to detox your home than through bringing nature indoors. Plants not only add great beauty to a home, they also bring many benefits we overlook. Some species purify the air and detoxify your living spaces from dust, germs and airborne toxins found in common household products, materials and furniture.

Spider Plants help clean the air of carbon monoxide, so a great addition for homes on main roads and the bonus is these ones are safe for pets which is important to consider when greening out your space. Snake Plant or Mother in Laws Tongue can improve sleep, while Chrysanthemums not only add beauty with their gorgeous flowers, they also help clear the air of nasties created by plastics, detergents and glue. But note, these beauties need sunlight, so find a sunny window to keep them alive.

Never underestimate the super powers of plants!

2. NATURAL CLEANING PRODUCTS – our regular cleaning products can be incredibly toxic to our health. Studies have proved that even our dishwashing liquids can mutate cells and cause some real havoc from skin irritations to breathing difficulties. But it’s not all bad news. There are some great ranges of toxic free cleaning products on the market these days that are just as effective as the chemical filled varieties.

There are also some great cleaners right in our pantry that can do the job without the harm. Try white vinegar to clean surfaces of germs and Bicarb is tough on stains and built up grease and grime. If you are looking for the freshly cleaned smell, try essential oils of lemon or wild orange in the mix. Not only will your home smell clean, citrus helps to lift our mood, creating a happy, healthy home.

3. DECLUTTER – A home filled with ‘stuff’ is incredibly overwhelming to the senses. I guess that’s why they say a cluttered house, a cluttered mind. We are with Marie Kondo, and believe to really spark joy in your home, declutter your space to clear the energy, clear the mind and create a peaceful area to share with your family and guests.

These are our Top 3 hints, but in reality, there are hundreds of ways to detox your home. From creating an urban garden, WIFI free areas, to smudging throughout a home with white sage in a spiritual cleanse to move energy, or even the traditional art of Feng Shui to create abundance and health. Whatever you do, the steps created to detox your home will benefit your health and usually adds to the aesthetics of your property too. Which is great news for you, your family, guests, our environment and the value of your properties.

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